Cambridge Residents Rejoice over Death of Notorious Gang Leader Ratty

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Jamaica News, April 16, 2018 – Death of Notorious Gang Leader Ratty

St James, Jamaica (McKoy’s New) – On Sunday, April 15, our news team traveled to the community of Cambridge in St James and spoke to a number of residents to get their reactions, following the fatal shooting of the area’s most feared gang leader, Ryan Peterkin, otherwise called “Ratty”.

Dozens of residents who did not wish to have their identities known, stated that they praise the JDF soldiers because they can now sleep in peace and walk their communities as they wish once more.

The joyful residents were all in smiles, especially those who have had family members who were murdered at the hands of the notorious gang leader. One elderly woman stated that because of Ratty and his gang members, no shop could open in these communities at nights, females were afraid to walk the streets at nights, they found it difficult to get taxi operator to journey into their community and most of all, farmers who raise livestock say it comes as a blessing to hear that Ratty, is no more.

Death of Notorious Gang Leader Ratty
Death of Notorious Gang Leader Ratty

Meanwhile, the police has related that it comes as an ease to members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force in western Jamaica, just to know that Peterkin has been slain.  Several police officers mentioned that Ratty and his gang has created sleepless nights for members of the forces during his reign of terror.

Also the police stated that Ratty and his gang members depleted the resources, especially at the Cambridge Police Station and he is also the first wanted man in Western Jamaica to hold top spot of “Wanted men” in three parishes at once.

On Saturday, April 14, Peterkin and one of his gang members were shot and killed at a house in Berkshire District in Westmoreland, when they challenged members of the joint military forces in a shootout.

Ratty Killed in Shootout with Joint Military Team
Death of Notorious Gang Leader Ratty

Peterkin has been on top of the most wanted list in the parishes of Hanover, St James and Westmoreland for some time now.  The police also stated that two illegal firearms, an AK-47 assault rifle along with a. 38 revolver and several rounds of ammunition were taken from the men.

Reports are that about 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, a joint military team carried out an operation in Berkshire District in search of Peterkin and members of his dismantled gang.

On reaching a house in a bushy area, they came under heavy gunfire from a group of gunmen in the inside. The gunfire was returned and a heated gun-battle ensued for several minutes, during what time Peterkin and his crony were shot and killed.

Ratty and members of his notorious gang operated out of Mother Lane in Retrieve area. One police officer says, he can clearly remember when Peterkin and some men use to stand along sections of the rugged roadway in Retrieve and drivers were forced to pay toll to them.

He and his men later formed an armed gang and began their reign of terror, murder and mayhem in the Cambridge areas.

He was forced to flee the parish to sections of St Elizabeth and Westmoreland during the start of the State of Public Emergency in February.

Investigators stated that Ratty and his Gang members were being sought in connection with over 20 different murder incidents across western Jamaica.  They have been creating mayhem and terror in Cambridge, St James over the past two years. The gang members are heavily armed and are outfitted with several teenage boys who were recruited at Mother Lane in Cambridge during 2017.

Since the State of Emergency has been imposed on the parish of St James the security forces have learnt that Peterkin and his gang posed as market vendors and fled to sections of Westmoreland and St Elizabeth.

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