CAC Reminds Parents of Safety and Health Measures for School Children

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Jamaica News: The Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) is reminding parents to include children’s health and safety, as part of their back-to-school preparations for the upcoming academic year.

Speaking with JIS News, Communications Specialist for the CAC, Dorothy Campbell, said there are a number of things that parents can do to ensure that their children have a successful 2018/19 school year.

“While you are preparing children for school, get also into their minds and get them prepared for all the things they will be confronting when they are out there,” she said.

Ms. Campbell recommended that children should be trained in the proper use of the roadway, especially those who will be taking public transportation. This, she said is important, with the extensive roadworks taking place across the island.

The Communications Specialist further recommended that parents take note of advisories about traffic changes, so as to direct children on the correct route to take when travelling to and from school on public transportation.

“Children should be shown their route. For those taking public transportation, they might be entering strange environments because the traffic is diverted. It is important that parents take that into consideration, especially for the little ones, when they are sending them out for the day,” Ms Campbell said.

“The journey might take longer, or they may be taken into environments that are strange to them. They might panic and end up in the wrong place, so parents need to pay attention and familiarise themselves with alternative routes and teach children these, so they can adjust to traffic changes,” she added.

Ms. Campbell noted that parents should also prepare children for any possible inclement weather.

“We are in the middle of the hurricane season, so you may have to add a raincoat or an umbrella for the older children to the list of items you are buying. Remember to advise them on how to use the roadways, in the event there is a heavy downpour or any other adverse weather event. Teach them what route to take and where they should go,” she recommended.

Meanwhile, the CAC representative is reminding parents to be mindful of the physical well-being of their children in their back-to-school preparations.

“Ensure they have something substantial to eat. It can be a nutritious meal or sandwich from home that you can package for them. Also, it is extremely hot, so advise them to rehydrate – drink lots of water instead of sugary drinks – and ensure that you pack enough water in their coolers, so they can rehydrate,” Ms. Campbell stated.

She further encouraged parents to pack fruits instead of salty and sugary snacks, which can make children lethargic and sleepy in the classroom.

The Consumer Affairs Commission is a government agency established to inform, educate and empower consumers to protect themselves in the marketplace.

The CAC operates under the Trade Act of 1955 and the Consumer Protection Act of 2005.


Source: JIS News

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