CAC Encourages Parents to Give Priority to Safety and Health of Children

Jamaica News: The Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) is encouraging parents to prioritise the safety and health of their children during their back-to-school preparations.

Speaking with JIS News, Director of Communications, CAC, Latoya Halstead, recommended that parents organise a visit to the doctor before the start of the academic year.

“Most schools require a medical for new schools; however, for returning students that might not be the case, so I encourage parents to ensure that their children are in good health and that their immunisation card is up to date,” she said.

Ms. Halstead advised parents to ensure that the children know the necessary information in case they are lost.

“I am encouraging parents to have conversations about safety with their children. Ensure that they know their names, their parents’ names and telephone numbers and also have another contact just in case they can’t get in contact with them, and that they know that person’s full name and phone numbers,” she explained.

In addition to the contact number of their parents and an emergency contact, she said children should be made aware of alternative transportation arrangements.

“Let the children know who can pick them up if you are having an emergency and if someone new is coming, establish a relationship with your child where they know that there are certain code words that will let them know that this person was sent to pick them up,” she added.

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Parents with children that will be attending a different school in September are being advised to assist the child in becoming familiar with their new environment.

“They should try to take their children to the school before school reopens. Therefore, they have an idea as to what the school is like, so when they go to school on September morning, they have absolutely no jitters about the location of classrooms,” Ms. Halstead said.

She is also encouraging parents to teach their children about using the public roadways safely and using public transportation.

Public schools are scheduled to reopen for the new school year on September 2.


Source: JIS News

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