‘Buyers Beware of Scammers’ Customs warns

Jamaica too Soft on Scammers – Prof
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The Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) is urging the public seeking to purchase goods
including motor vehicles to be wary of scammers.

JCA says it has standard operating procedures, in order to prevent being scammed by
persons purporting to be able to sell vehicles on Customs auctions to them.
Persons are advised to report the matter to the police, if they believe they are victims
of a scam.
The public is asked to note the following guidelines:
 All public auctions are advertised in the newspaper thirty (30) days before the
date of the auction;
 The JCA only sells goods on auctions and will not sell any item outside of the
guidelines laid out in the Customs Act and its Regulations.
 All motor vehicles are sold through competitive bidding, and no individual
bidder is accorded special treatment or privilege.
 The Agency will not use email or telephone to offer items for sale and all
payments are only to be done at the Jamaica Customs Agency’s Cashier, on the
day of the auction. Cheques must be written in the name: ‘Collector of
The Customs Agency also says persons wishing to participate in an auction must
register through the JCA. The Agency asks the public to contact thyem for any queries
in this matter.

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