Businessman Mark Nooks Freed of Illegal Possession of Firearm

Jamaica News, April 20, 2018 –Businessman Mark Nooks Freed

Justice Yvonne Brown freed Mark Nooks, a 42-year-old businessman of illegal possession of firearm and assault in the gun court recently. The court heard evidence from Attorney-at-law Peter Champagnie; a conversation with the complainant attempting to extort over half a million dollars from the accused in exchange for the case to be dropped.

In the recording, the complainant is heard pressing for the money from the accused through the investigating officer. The court also heard that it was conveyed to the complainant that because he the accused did not receive the money, he would continue the ‘fabrication’ of the story against the accused, but he also denied those allegations.

However, during cross-examination at the Gun Court in Kingston, Champagnie confronted the investigating officer with the taped recording of the conversation which confirmed that discussion relative to payment from the accused did take place between him and the complainant. Following the revelation, the prosecutor was forced to offer no further evidence against the businessman

The allegations are that on February 25, the accused Nooks, who is a licensed firearm holder had a confrontation, at a popular entertainment centre in Kingston, where both men were patrons but denied he pointed his weapon at the complainant.

It was earlier alleged that during the confrontation, the accused pointed his gun at the complainant and made threats against his life.

Nooks was subsequently freed by presiding Judge.


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