Businesses and Trade to Benefit from NQI

Jamaica is one of the leading Caribbean countries in establishing a strong National Quality Infrastructure (NQI).

The NQI is a national framework through which the goods and services produced and traded in the country are declared fit for consumption or use in the marketplace.

One of the entities that make its work possible is the Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ), which performs a unique role in assisting local businesses with their growth and trade.

Manager of Communication and Customer Service at the BSJ, Maxine Fagan, told JIS News that “we recognised the importance of providing support as we seek to enhance businesses and execute our mandate and role as a significant player in the National Quality Infrastructure of Jamaica”.

The NQI consists of four pillars, three of which are covered by the services offered by the Bureau. These include standards development, conformity assessment, and metrology. Accreditation, the fourth pillar, is offered by the Jamaica National Agency for Accreditation (JANAAC).

The BSJ currently offers over 200 services including laboratory, non-laboratory services, and industry support programmes.

Ms. Fagan highlighted that “the BSJ, as facilitator, supports all industry sectors in our ongoing efforts to foster an appreciation of standards and most importantly the utilisation of standards. We encourage businesses to engage with the services of the BSJ and experience comprehensive benefits whether from our testing services, training programmes or our industry support programmes”.

The BSJ has the mandate to promote international competitiveness for Jamaican producers, facilitate business development and trade and support consumer protection.

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