Power Company Wants To Introduce Sea Water A/C System To Jamaica

Jamaican Power Company Wants To Introduce Sea Water A/C System To Jamaica

Jamaican power and conservation solutions company, New Leaf Power said it is desirous of introducing sea water air conditioning technology (SWAC) to Jamaica following a 12-member public and private sector study tour of two alternative energy systems in Canada. This is against the background that in the Caribbean, according to the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), […]

Glenford Smith | How To Answer The Interview Question: "Tell Me About Yourself"

Glenford Smith | How To Answer The Interview Question: “Tell Me About Yourself

The most innocuous job interview question that may seem like an interviewer wants to settle you down and get to know you better is: Tell me about more about yourself. This seems innocent enough, but you should be careful that you don’t go the way of the unwitting applicant. If a candidate is not prepared […]


Samsung shows off electric car battery that gives a 310 mile range on a 20 minute charge

Samsung has unveiled a battery that can give electric cars a driving range of up to 500 kilometers (310.7 miles) on a 20 minute charge, promoting technology that could be key to the future of autonomous driving. The South Korean conglomerate’s battery division known as Samsung SDI (Korea Stock Exchange: 640-KR), announced the cell on […]

Justice Centres

Minister Delroy Chuck setting up Justice Centres in Each Parish

Justice Centres: the objective is to better enable the JPs to peacefully resolve conflicts outside of the court system and promote harmony in communities. Chuck was speaking with JIS News following a meeting with custodes at his Constant Spring Road office in St Andrew on Thursday. He said the justice centres will also serve as […]

Caricel (1)

Caricel fighting to keep their telecommunications license

The Supreme Court is to rule January 24 on the application from telecoms provider Symbiote Investments Limited seeking to block the Government from taking back the domestic mobile spectrum licence which it issued to the company last September. Final submissions were heard by Justice Leighton Pusey yesterday from lawyers representing the embattled mobile phone company, […]

Megyn Kelly_Getty Images

Victory for Megyn Kelly

Victory for Megyn Kelly She’s leaving Fox News for NBC News. Whether this is good or bad seems quaintly and spectacularly beside the point. As news spread of Megyn Kelly’s move from her 12-year stint at Fox News to NBC News, what struck me was how eager everyone was to pronounce the change a Good […]


Nestlé looks for ways to boost stale growth as consumers snub unhealthy food

Its fightback includes chocolate with lower-calorie “hollow” sugar crystals, and healthier frozen food   LARGE food companies have long been among the world’s most solid, with reassuringly consistent returns even in hard times. None would seem steadier than Nestlé, based in the Swiss town of Vevey, on a lake near snowy peaks. For its 150th […]

Obama’s last-minute moves

The problem with Obama’s last-minute moves

I love a good real estate analogy, so naturally I had to admire the way Erick Erickson, the conservative blogger, recently described the last-minute flurry of actions emanating from the Obama White House. “Obama and John Kerry,” Erickson tweeted, “are like tenants who trash a place as they are being evicted.” Except, in this case, […]

LASCO Financial Service - Now LASCO MONEY

LASCO Financial Service – Now LASCO MONEY

Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – LASCO Financial Service – Now LASCO MONEY: LASCO Financial Services Limited (LFSL) has grouped all its services under one brand to create a one stop financial store. Lasco Financial Service Limited (LFSL) is now under a new “umbrella” brand named Lasco Money, which changes their stores into a one stop location. The company is […]

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