Business Operators in St James Welcomes Efficient Mobile Reserve to be Based in Montego Bay

Jamaica Crime News, St James: Business operators within the city of Montego Bay say they are now bracing themselves to welcome the efficient Mobile Reserve which is slated to be to be based in Montego Bay.

Recently the Minister of National Security, Dr. Horace Chang, made the announcement of the Mobile Reserve with regards to the renovating of the Montego Hills Police Station is a light of hope for the future of  Montego Bay, St James.

Several of these operators pointed out that,  over the recent years, the parish of St James has been plagued by crime and violence and the idea of basing a Mobile Reserve unit in Western Jamaica is a very good approach to crime fighting by the security minister.

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During the tour,  the Security Minister mentioned that the population in Western Jamaica has grown in numbers.  He pointed out that,  traffic on a whole has grown tremendously, as we now have millions of tourist passing through the Donald Sangster’s International Airport each year.

The Ministry of National Security has now seen it fit that the Montego Hills Police Station, formally called the “Hundred Man Station” be upgraded to a Mobile Reserve.

This development should see a number of barracks being constructed at the Western Mobile Reserve to house some 250 additional police officers.  These police officers will be on the alert and will act as a Response Team to address any and every emergency calls.

The Montego Hills Police Station is located in Montego Hills in Montego Bay, St James and became functional just a few years ago mainly to address the numerous crimes that were being committed in Salt Spring and its surroundings.

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