Business man showed no signs of COVID-19 before passing

Jamaica News: A family member of the late, Damion Taylor, are now saying he showed no signs of the having coronavirus before his passing. Taylor returned to the island on March 16 and died at his home in Jericho district, Linstead, St. Catherine on the 4th of April.
The family stated that they followed all the stipulations set by the relevant authorizes.
The deceased was a businessman and computer technician. It is being reported that he was picked up by his brother at the Norman Manley International Airport. His brother stated that Taylor self-quarantined afterward.
“We were given a checklist to check off every day for the 14 days when we had to record our temperature and make a report of any abnormalities,” explained Gawayne Taylor.
Gawayne further stated that a day after the self-quarantine period ended on Monday, March 30, his brother, who struggled with ‘chronic sinus’, started to complain about dizziness.
“My brother started complaining of dizziness which is normally the case because of him having what I would call chronic sinus. I talked to him every day since he came back from overseas. He was 100 percent every day up until Tuesday where he started complaining of his head feeling dizzy. He was eating and drinking fine,” Gawayne continued.
Taylor eventually passed. The family has since then been tested and visited by members of the Minister of Health. They are currently being self-quarantined for 14 days and are awaiting their test results.
News Reporter: Marc Lodge

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