Uton Lewis the Bush Doctor

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Uton Lewis the Bush Doctor: “Many many people I have helped to get better from their sickness”, these were just a few of the words that Uton Lewis had to say when our news team met with him.

Uton is a regular Bush Doctor along St Claver Avenue in Montego Bay. He stated that he has the cure for diabetes, asthma, poor blood circulation, block tubes, bad belly, sinus, colds and flu, gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis, prostate, eczema, ring worm, scabies, liver spots and itchings.

For almost two years, Uton said he has been curing people from all their sickness. ‘If I wasn’t doing my work, I wouldn’t been here so long, people would come and curse me. Instead they come and thank me’.

Hailing from Cyril Gully in Montego Bay, Uton said God had given him the power to heal his people, and he is just doing that. On a visit to his St Claver’s location one can see the many gallon and quart bottles spread out with the various bush medicines that he boiled for his so-called patients.

In closing he said if you have any problem, you can call him at 1.876.599.7312 or visit him.

Believe kill and believe cure, as many may not believe me or even Uton himself.

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