‘Bush Doctor’ Says He Has Been Curing Many People

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Alan Lewin, Reporter – Uton Lewis says he is not an ordinary ‘bush doctor’. Lewis says he has cured hundreds of people of their illnesses. Some of them have even come back  to praise him, and give him a recommendation for his good deeds.

Lewis, who many call ‘Bush Doctor’, is very proud of himself.

Hailing from the Dome Lane area of Montego Bay, St James, the ‘Roots Man-Bush Doctor’ can be seen regularly, along St Claver’s Avenue in Montego Bay.

He has been at a special location at Lower St Claver’s Avenue since October 2015, and he says hundreds of people have come to him for assistance with their health problems. In some cases, even doctors were unable to cure them.

He says the Almighty Father has given him the inspiration to heal people, that is just what he is doing and he says he won’t stop.

He started out by helping people to get better with their Chikungunya. He put the various combination of bushes together for various illnesses and claims successful results.

Some of the bushes he uses to make his medicines and roots are Neem, Ginny Hen, Moringa, Jacana, Puss Claw, Rosemary, Black Joint, Strong Back and, Sarsaparilla. Among the many complaints that he gets requests to attend to are: impotence, yeast, fibroids and excessive period bleeding.

The proud Bush Doctor said, “One of my most memorable occasions was when a woman came to me, said she is trying to get pregnant. I gave her some bush medicine and she is now pregnant’. That makes me feel proud”.


Uton: Bush doctor Uton Lewis is seen with his many bush medicines he says he uses to heal people.


Bushes: Uton Lewis shows some of the bushes he used to make medicines.

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