Bus driver beats up cop

[ The Star] A popular Jamaica Union of Travellers Association (JUTA) tour bus operator who allegedly beat up a police constable last Friday has been arrested and charged.

Facing charges of assaulting a constable and resisting arrest is 34-year-old Trevor Binns, of Copse, in Hanover.

Reports by the Anchovy police are that about 4 p.m., the constable was among a group of policemen who travelled to the Wilshire community in Anchovy, St James, to pick up Binns in relation to a report of malicious destruction of property which was made against him in Montego Bay.

Upon entering the yard, Binns was spotted by the officers who started to question him.

He reportedly started to act boisterously and attempted to walk away. He was held by the constable but Binns immediately started to land several blows to the officer’s body, as both men got caught up in a physical confrontation.

The other lawmen immediately jumped in and subdued the accused, who was taken into custody and subsequently charged.

Binns is booked to appear in the St James Parish Court early this week.

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