Buju Banton’s Daughter Turns to Christ

Buju Banton’s daughter Abihail Myrie has given her life to Christ.

The 21 year old shared the news with her followers on Instagram, that he’s now “born again”.

The move following her social media spat with the Myrie clan which played out for the world to see. There were also reports that she went missing, though later declaring that she’s not. On Monday, she wrote: “It has truly been an experience. One for the books! I’m happy that I was able to document it all. I’ve fought, learned, faced public humiliation, cried, got back up, listened and trusted God. All in the name of Christ. And I’m now I am home.”

Noting that it’s a necessary step, the young Myrie said “I am better, stronger, much wiser and am able to proudly say that I am truly a Child of God. and thank you to everyone who fought silently with me.”

Myrie has also unfollowed everyone on Instagram.




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