Buju Banton Drops New Video For ‘Blessed’ With Surprise Cameo From Koffee: Watch

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Reggae and Dancehall mogul Buju Banton is on a roll after the musician has dropped new visuals for his single Blessed today. This new music video has come just 5 days after the debut of his long-awaited album Upside Down 2020, which also features the Blessed single.

Gargamel shows off a bit of acting in this latest musical undertaking with a surprise cameo from reggae sensation Koffee. The Trust deejay is found having a little bar talk with some colleagues, but there’s nothing trivial about their conversation. Buju’s intro is a deliberate attempt to set precedence to the message of his edifying single Blessed, he says:

“Jah said he shall call up on all sorts of us to do his work, you know he called upon the adults and they failed us, so he decided to call upon the youths. And that’s why we have to make sure that the youths know the right things and stay awake so they can enlighten their generation,” as he fist bumps Koffee who is also sitting in the bar and attentively listening to his wise words.

Koffee came in for high praise from the Dancehall legend during his interview with popular US radio station Hot 97 last week. Buju called Koffee “a beautiful artist” and gave her props for being the leader in a field of new female artists making an impact on the genre.

Directed my Dalia Dias, Blessed the music video shows a tale of goodness and kindness through the youths. In another bar scene, Banton buys his young bartender a soft drink as he watches the recent protests in the United States on the TV. The story then turns to the boy, it’s his birthday and right after ‘Pretty Eyes’ texts him a Happy Birthday another message pops in from Aunty Kay saying,” You need to get home now!! Your Mom is not feeling well.”

He rushes home, even forgetting his wallet but the taxi man is understanding. The anxious teen passes another boy on the road looking desolate and not wearing any shoes but his attention is quickly swayed as the taxi finally pulls up to his gate. As he rushes to his ailing mother, a burst of cheer heads his way. It was all a prank; his family just wanted him home to celebrate his birthday.

A quick cutting of the cake and his gift is unwrapped, it’s a new pair of sneaks. Then in a heartfelt act of kindness, he gives the boy who was sitting outside on the curb a much-needed pair of brand new white sneakers.

As Buju delivers his impactful single, more scenes of the Black Lives Matter protests flash across the screen, along with civilians all making a statement and being a apart of the movement. Watch more below –

Released by his label Gargamel Music Company and under Roc Nation, check out Buju Banton’s new music video Blessed.


Source: Dancehallmag

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