Budukusu Shows Homeage

Budukusu Shows Homeage Good day wonderful people of this world. It’s one more step towards greatness from the Cape Coast star Budukusu. It’s also a next step forward between bridging the gap between the motherland and Jamaica. It’s almost like a pilgrimage. One done out of respect and talent for our Reggae and our culture. We must keep in mind Budukusu is a versatile act and has been pushing the boundaries of his culture and fusing various genre’s and making them work. Not just making them work but creating new sub genre’s and all. He’s impacted the underground circuit and music in Ghana where he also resides. This time we are focusing on one of hits doing well in the West Indies.

The wait is over and the highly anticipated single from “Budukusu” is out now.  The title is “Give Thanks” and its a Dj Frass production. Dj Frass is known for making billboard hits for the likes of Movado and other stars. The single is also being distributed by Tuff Gong. So from this perspective Bakus (his management and label) and Budukusu has the right idea and strategy. They are building from the core and showing homage to the past and present. The video has been on rotation on Hype TV since the festive season and various disc jocs have been showing the track love. This one seems like its going to be here for a while.

The song is about the struggles of life and whatever is sent or thrusted our way we just simply need to “Give Thanks”. The message is very important and the delivery has allowed this track to be very palatable. Easy to digest and easy to see and vision the words that Budukusu is melodically relaying. The instrumental is live and allows the artist to vividly make his story be heard. Budukusu is showing his versatility as an artist and showing that with good solid productions he’s able to create masterpieces.

Let’s take time out to salute and respect a track that looks to bring us together and give and show us hope. Its a solid single and we’re looking to hear a lot more from this talented artist.

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