Denise Gray: Popular Dancehall Personality “Bubbler” is dead

Jamaica News, Montego Bay: Denise Gray The parish of St James has lost one of its most popular personality in the Dancehall arena. Denise Gray more popularly known as Bubbler, passed away at her home on Thursday, March 14.

Denise gained her fame as a fashionable personality at stage shows and parties all over Jamaica. Unfortunately, Gray has been in and out of the hospital in recent times with various health problems.

During the early part of 2000, she appeared in a play called Inquisitive at the Strand Theater in Montego Bay. Bubbler was also famous for her character as Fat Marva in Mad Anju’s music video.

With a good heart for poor people, she and her children prepared Christmas dinner for the needy in December 2018, with plans to continue with that trend.

Bubbler attended the Albion All Age, now Junior high. She was born in Kingston but migrated to Montego Bay in the early seventies residing in the North Gully area of St James. She was a very outspoken person but can make it up back to you in a few minutes, if there were any disputes.

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