Bubbla Funeral

It was pure mourning and sadness for one of St James most colorful citizens. A memorial service was held for the late Georgia Gray more popular call Bubbla or Denise.

Bubbla a past student of the Albion All Age school in St James died on March 14 at her home. She gained popularity by acting in several of Garfield Reid’s early plays at the Strand Theatre during the late ’90s.

After that, she began to seek promotions for artists and was able to appear in Mad Anju’s music video entitled A Wah Dis Fada’.

Bubbla Funeral

Bubbla popularity soar to higher heights as she acts as Marvo in the video. Her oversize combined with her unique fashion always gets applause from the many people she came in contact with. Her memorial service was held at the Mount Salem Seventh Day Adventist Church in Cornwall Garden Mount Salem. Her body was interred at the Dovecot Memorial Park. Her funeral was well attended.

Bubbla Funeral
Bubbla Funeral

Bubbla Funeral

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