“Bruck pocket man” by Teejay & Moyann dancehall fans can’t relate

This one was produced by DJ frass which featured Teejay and Moyann. since the song release, it has been gaining rapid views and comments most of the comments weren’t pleasing

Under the comments section, the majority of dancehall fans were saying that they can’t relate to the lyrics of the song in a real-life situation others believe that the song his discouraging and not good for today’s society, fans are saying that the song is sending out the wrong message.

some of the comments were giving back positive feedback while some weren’t


“Mi love the song but nuff people did bruck before dem deh where they at tho”

“long before me stack d paper gyal fee now gyal fee later masicka done say it we nuh need money fee get gyal”

“Song well hot, but in a real life most people cya relate to it dwl”



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