Brother Stabs Brother to Death in Westmoreland

Jamaica Crime News, Westmoreland: A man who reportedly stabbed his brother to death in the parish of Westmoreland, on Wednesday, December 12, was taken into custody by the Negril police on murder charges.

So far the dead sibling has been identified as Mark Daley, 40-year-old laborer of Orange Street in Sheffield, Westmoreland.

Reports by the Negril police are that about 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday,  both brothers were at their home in Sheffield, Westmoreland when they got involved in an argument.

The conflict escalated into a fight, during which Mark used an object to inflict a wound to his younger brother’s forehead.

The accused pulled a knife, which he used to stab his older brother to a region of his chest.

Other family members intervened and summoned the police.

Upon arrival of the lawmen both brothers who were injured, were transported to the Savanna-la-mar hospital, where Mark was pronounced dead. The younger sibling was treated and later released in the custody of the police.

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