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Brother Kills Sister at her Daughter’s Grave-digging

St James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Brother Kills Sister: A St James man,  who is said to have caused the death of his niece a  few weeks ago,  when he mowed her down with a motor car, was taken into custody on Friday afternoon when he allegedly shot his sister to death. The dead woman is also said to be the mother of the girl that  was killed in the motor vehicle tragedy.

She has been identified as Fullean Gennis,  otherwise called Keisha, 29 years old,  of Somerton District in Amity Hall St James.

Reports are that at about 1:30pm on Friday,  a grave-digging was being carried out for Gennis’ daughter who was mowed down by her uncle’s car over four weeks ago.

Brother Kills Sister: During the grave digging,  Gennis reportedly got involved in a heated argument with her brother. During the altercation, it is alleged that the accused pulled a firearm from his waistband and shot her in the upper body.

The Amity Hall police were summoned and upon their arrival, the wounded woman was rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital,  where she was pronounced dead.

The accused brother,  who was still in the area, was immediately taken into police custody.

Other family members who were eyewitnesses to the entire incident have been tight-lipped about the shooting.  It was, however,  learnt that both the accused,  the slain woman and the dead child,  resided at the same family house in Somerton.

The Amity Hall and Freeport police are carrying out investigations.

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