Bring Home the Jamaicans Now

The PNP is right. The Government should not continue to deny our citizens cut off abroad from coming home.

I am not talking about those who live here and were working in the hospitality or farm work business overseas and others who were temporarily abroad, for whatever reason, but got cut out when Jamaica stopped receiving passengers on March 23.

Many Jamaicans have made desperate pleas asking to come home. They are in a foreign land, with no family, no money and a frightening COVID-19 around them.

They are not even asking the Government to send for them, as some other countries have done for their citizens. They want to be allowed to pay their way  to come in.

One set of them on a ship has been at sea for nearly two weeks and last word was they were on their way to Portugal which has agreed to let them in. Shame on us!

The Government has locked them out from their own homes. That’s wickedness.

The fear is that they will bring with them COVID-19. There is a simple way to deal with this. Have proper facilities where they can be put under strict quarantine when they land here.

In that way we contain any threat to public health. There is only one right thing for the Prime Minister to do — bring home the Jamaicans who have been locked out of their homeland.


By Oscar Thame

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