Brighter days for baby Aaiden

Brighter days for baby Aaiden – Sick child on the mend after public helps family with medical care

Aaiden was born at 29 weeks old at the Mandeville Regional Hospital and was admitted for approximately three months at the medical facility.

In February of this year, THE STAR published an article bearing the headline ‘I would give him one of my eyes’, and persons from across the globe assisted the young mother and her son in getting in contact with Bascom Palmer Eye Institute and Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, both located in Florida.

“He has done a major surgery already and is preparing to do another one. I am really grateful for the support that we have been receiving and I am still seeking assistance because he still has a long way to go. I can’t say thanks enough because a lot of persons have had fundraisers in his support,” Ellis said.

Aaiden’s damaged retinas were repaired and new lens were implanted.

“His pupil was widened in order to get light in so now he closes his eyes in bright lights. A few months ago, he had to cry very long in order for him to shed a tear, but now, as his emotions change, tears flow. I feel so good to see all of these things happening because this means that the procedures are working,” she said.

The hole in Aaiden’s heart is now closed but he is still not hearing and will have to undergo a series of examinations to find the underlying problem.

“He still has another eye repair surgery to be done … so far it has cost millions of dollars. I really couldn’t do this without the doctor’s assistance and all the other sponsors. However, if we can get help to continue his surgical processes, we would be grateful,” she said.

A GoFundMe account was created for Aaiden, and persons can also contact his mother at 876-828-2779 or 786-590-7202.

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