Woman Fought off Rapist

Brave St Elizabeth Woman Fought off Rapist and Took His Gun Away

Antonio Mckoy - Mckoy's News

St. Elizabeth, Jamaica (McN) – Woman Fought off Rapist : A woman is fortunate to have disarmed a would be rapist along the Ten feet road in Haughton district, St. Elizabeth, while walking home on Thursday night, April 13.

The Female was heading home when she was approached and attacked by a man who brandished a handgun and made an attempt to rape her at gunpoint. The brave woman wrestled the lone gunman and managed to take the gun away from him.

She then threw the gun away in the bushes, and the man ran away.

The Lacovia police were summoned, they visited the scene and combed the area where a rusted 9 mm Lorcin handgun was recovered. Crime Scene Investigators were called in to process the scene.

The victim was visible shaken and traumatized by the encounter.

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