Boyfriend makes emotional post on IG after his Girlfriend was shot & killed by her Lover in Mandeville

Chantell Whyte is the most talked-about since lately after she was shot and killed in Mandeville by her side lover on December 31, 2019.

Her original boyfriend has now come forward on IG and breaks his silence about his girlfriend being shot and killed. These are his words.

“What can I say”?….. “Never expect things to work out like this but nobody is perfect. Everybody runs errands at times and put ourselves in situations we can’t get ourselves out of. Many people will and may have alot to say but at the same time you were also a good soul. We were together for 10 years therefore we shared many great moments. Sorry your life had to go like this. We had many dreams and plans ahead. RIP baby girl”.

Police investigators believe that the shooting death of 24-yrs old Chantell Whyte of Grey Ground in Manchester on New Year eve was stemmed from a feud that she had with her lover.

According to reports, Whyte was at her workplace at a food establishment on Race Course Road in Mandeville, where she got involved in an argument with her side lover about 6.15 pm.

It is understood that during the argument, her lover pulled a firearm and shot her before fleeing the scene.

The man Chantell’s side lover who is allegedly responsible for the New Year’s Eve gun slaying has turned himself in at the Mandeville police station before daybreak New Year’s day. The firearm believed to be the murder weapon was also turned over to the police. He was accompanied by a policemanreported to be a family friend.


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