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Bounty Killer Will Perform for the First Time at Footloose

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Bounty Killer Will Perform for the First Time at Footloose


Veteran dancehall artiste Rodney Price better known as “Bounty Killer” is the headliner and first-time performer for the retro party Footloose, which will be held at Mas Camp, Stadium North on August 31st.

Bounty Killer is a known lyrical “warlord” from back in the 90’s where the dancehall scenes were heated with lyrical battles between himself and colleague Beenie Man. However, this Saturday he will be ‘loosening up’ for his fans at the highly anticipated event Footloose, that is held four times annually with Saturday’s show being dubbed the ‘showtime edition.’

The self-proclaimed ‘five-star general’ took to Instagram a highly energized video endorsing the event and also gave his fans a taste of what to expect on the upcoming show. The fans were already aroused and ‘hyped-up’ for the event, based on Bounty’s attitude and representation through the short thirty seconds video.

“Nobody does it betta than di killa, footloose, calling all foot troops!” commented one viewer.

He was also believed to be one of the most ‘hyped-up’ artiste as claimed by another viewer.

“I don’t think that there’s an artiste who can ‘out hype’ the #grunggaadzilla 5 star deserve!”

Footloose never seem to disappoint as patrons are always left thoroughly entertained with some of the best old-school hits from all genres. Party-goers can expect the same or even more energy next Saturday while sipping on bucket deals from “Stone’s three some deals” all night.

Therefore, patrons attending the event can wear their best foot wears and prepare to ‘get loose’ and have a great time with the ‘general’ through some of his greatest hits from the 90’s. These may include “Another Level,” which is the featured song for this edition of Footloose. Other hits that may be performed by the deejay are crowd favourite such as “Fed Up,” “Cellular Phone,” “Suspense, “More Gal;” among others. The ‘killer’ always produces a legendary performance and fans believe that his first time gracing the Footloose stage will be no different.

This promises to be another sold out event which has been in full gear for thirteen years, showcasing the likes of artistes such as Baby Cham, Beenie Man, Sizzla and surprise artiste Merciless who showed no mercy in his performance at Footloose anniversary in 2016.

Natasha Williams – Writer


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