Bounty Killer On Wayne Marshall & Tami Chin, “Dancehall’s Favorite Couple”

There could be some debates as to who are Dancehall’s favorite couple, but for veteran deejay Bounty Killer that title might belong to Wayne Marshall and Tami Chin aka The Mitchells.  Bounty played a role, many years ago, in the pairing of these two songbirds, who are now truly besties taking on the surprises of life together and evidently in for the long haul.

Meet The Mitchells is a YouTube channel giving viewers a sneak peak into what we now can see is the chaotic lives of Tami, Wayne and their boys. One month, 23 videos and 23.6k subscribers so far, they may be on to something.

The couple has been married for 10 years, though started officially dating about 3 years prior.  The day they met was all the way back in 2001 or 2002 (the dates are fuzzy for these two) but they both agreed that it was at Vendetta Music Studios in Kingston Jamaica.

Fans are gobbling up every bit of their waggish vlogs like their tale of Wayne’s first time cooking and also making their requests as to what they would like to hear and see from the couple. Since they aim to please, the Mitchell’s have found themselves in little sat to divulge the juicy details of the first time they met and all the interesting deets that unfolded in between.

They weren’t sure who was going or coming from the studios that day but one thing that stood out the most was Tami’s hotness. Wayne laid down a little ‘style and craft’ as he puts it, striking up conversations doting on her sister Tessanne Chin while he was actually in awe of Tami’s beauty. “Mi did a map har no doubt, I was like, this girl is boodiful…. like I neva know anything bout her (at the time), I just knew that she was very attractive,” he said.

Doing some background snooping, Marshall would formulate a master plan to involve her in some projects he had been working on at the time, as he discovered she was pursuing a career in music. The outcome of those projects were their collaboration on the singles and accompanying music videos for Arguin and Why in 2006, which required Tami to do way more acting than she was comfortable with.

Fun fact – Over the years that followed the couple have also collaborated in the singles Good Loving and Nothing Else in 2009 and the Matrimoney Riddim Movie in 2011.

They found themselves together again on one of RE TV’s popular School Tour projects, a mission that brings hot local musicians together to do live performances at several schools across the island via a bus ride. There were more fuzzy details as to who came to sit by whom on the bus, but it looks as if Marshall may have been stretching things quite a bit…we believe you Tami.

As their friendship grew, a few more jaunts would find Wayne and Tami double dating at the movies, ringing up each other’s Blackberries (or other make, they weren’t sure about that either) and having everlasting conversations. The defining moment however, took place one night at Quad Nightclub in New Kingston and it happened to have involved the Warlord Bounty Killer.

Their unmistakable chemistry didn’t go unnoticed, not even by the dancehall legend who apparently was clubbing with them that faithful night. Marshall relayed the scenario as he remembered it and said, like a prophet Bounty Killer told him Tami was his girl.

Marshall said “Deejay (to Bounty), yuh know seh, God know when yuh tell me dis now a it gimmi di strength mi need, cah… how yuh seet?” Bounty simply told him that it was plain as day and that their magic would give a blind man sight. Killa said, “Even Stevie Wonda would ave to ponda.” — as if what he’s ‘seeing’ is actually real.

Bounty watched Wayne and Tami’s ‘How We Met’ episode yesterday and posted the brief section of his mention on his Instagram page with the caption: “One of Dancehall’s favorite couple the Mitchell’s @waynemarsheezy & @tamichinmitchell over a decade ago we celebrated this union pure love and blessings congratulations again loving the growth gwaan grow and glow.”

It had come to the part of the story where they contemplated wrapping up. But Wayne thought it was important to tell everyone about the first time they made doogu doogu. In a nutshell, Tami flopped her singer boyfriend and cried during the first attempt, summing up the cause as ‘it did tush.” Marshall wasn’t going to let things go down like that, so when his second chance rolled around, “Bingo!” … he sure fixed it.

Everything pretty much fell into place after that, turned out Tami was the most amazing potential step mom. Seeing her with his son Gio spurred images of the house with the white picket fence and loads of kids, a premonition of what he and her have today.

Check out the full episode for more juicy details about Wayne’s proposal on the balcony and talks about having more babies — with 4 boys already, the deejay muses if he will be the modern day Father Abraham. Watch below –


Source: Dancehallmag

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