Bounty Killer Net Worth 2020: What’s The Dancehall Legend Worth This Year?

With a career that has featured him collaborating with a variety of mainstream artists including No Doubt, Fugees, Swizz Beatz, and Mobb Deep, it’s no wonder that Bounty Killer is such a legend in dancehall and beyond.

But what is Bounty Killer’s net worth in 2020 so far?

The man born Rodney Basil Price in Kingston, Jamaica, has had a greater influence on Jamaican music as we know it today than we realize. He is one of the three co-founders of the collective known as The Alliance, alongside fellow legends Vybz Kartel and Mavado. He has been called “one of the most aggressive dancehall stars of the ’90s, a street-tough rude boy with an unrepentant flair for gun talk.” He is, in a word, a legend.

Let’s look at what we know about Bounty Killer and his 2020 net worth.

Bounty Killer Net Worth 2020
As of this writing of March 26, 2020, Bounty Killer’s net worth is $1 million USD. He has made his money almost exclusively on the royalties and the sales of his songs.

Bounty Killer has released a variety of classic albums throughout the course of his career. But his biggest influence came from his father, who owned and ran the beloved Black Scorpio sound system. When he was only 14 years old, Bounty Killer began DJing in the Black Scorpio sound system with his father’s encouragement. But that same year that he started DJing with the sound system, he was shot by a stray bullet discharged by rival political factions. It was while he was recovering in the hospital that he came up with the name Bounty Killer, a name which he went by from that day forward.

In the spring of 1992, Bounty Killer recorded his first song in the King Jammy studio in Kingston, Jamaica. The song, which was called “Coppershot,” was a sign of things to come, and would forever associate Bounty Killer with the dark, violent lyrics he would become known, and loved, for throughout the world.

Despite releasing a number of successful songs in reggae and dancehall — including “Dead This Time,” “Legendary” (which he recorded with longtime rival Beenie Man), and “Deadly Zone” — he became best known for his 2001 collaboration with No Doubt called “Hey Baby.” The song, which reached No. 5 on the pop charts in the United States, introduced Bounty Killer to a worldwide audience, and earned him his first — and to date, only — Grammy award.

Bounty Killer: Dancehall’s Einstein
In a touching tribute, Vybz Kartel recently paid tribute to Bounty Killer and called him “dancehall’s Einstein.”

I wonder if people really appreciate how great this man is. Is just a pity dancehall doesn’t have a well organized and streamlined industry … to truly celebrate the greatness of dancehall ‘gads’. Pun intended,” he said. “If dancehall’s creator was ‘[Isaac] Newton’, Bounty Killer is ‘[Albert] Einstein’ weh upgrade it and in some instances, redefined it or changed it altogether.”

With all of these awards, accolades, and public tributes to his greatness, it’s no wonder that Bounty Killer has such a high net worth in 2020, and he will definitely have a high net worth beyond 2020.


Source: Dancehallmag

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