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Bounty Killer Foundation Helps Struggling Teenager To Complete House

While many people thought Bounty Killer would be at home basking in the afterglow of his epic Verzuz clash last week Saturday night, the One General was, instead, without fanfare, marshaling his troops up to Harbour View in St. Andrew to undertake humanitarian work.

The Poor People Governor made his way to St. Benedicts Heights in the eastern St. Andrew community on Friday, to deliver a cash grant, as well as building material from the Bounty Killer Foundation, to 17-year-old resident Ashley Watson, to help complete construction of a bedroom at the premises where she resides.

“I wish you all the best and keep trying in these hard times.  Just keep your head up… Yuh pass di worst enuh,” Bounty was seen telling the youngster.

“This is the thing that Bounty Foundation does.  We collaborate as well, as we know there is a lot of needs in this country, and Bounty Foundation is young; it’s just started; we can’t take on everything.  But, this is what we plan to take on right now – Ashley and her little one room…so we decided we are gonna give her $100,000,” he explained.

Ashley, who could not hold back her tears of gratitude, thanked the artiste profoundly and read a pre-written thank you note to him and his team.

“I would love to express my deep gratitude to the donors for this tremendous support.  I just want to say a big thank you.  I am honored and grateful…” she said, to which Bounty replied: “I am happy to know that we could be of service to you, my darling.”

The dancehall icon was among the first to start helping to unload the materials from the truck and put them in the yard, without batting an eyelid, just like any ordinary delivery-man would.

He later posted a photograph on his Instagram page to highlight how the Foundation got involved and subsequently made the gesture to the youngster.

“Earlier today, the Bounty Foundation made a bountiful smile upon Ashley’s face… a single mom struggling to finish a one-bedroom and bath in the Harbour View community, was provided with 100,000 JMD along with adequate materials for the room including floor tiles wall tile 2×4 lumber and plywood,” he captioned the post.

“It was a joint effort between the Foundation and two of its fraternity members Miss Camile Lee and Clifton of Belgravia Development and Innovative Homes.  It was Camille who saw Ashely’s struggles on Facebook and decided to reach out to me and Clifton.   We extend our care and gratitude towards fellow Jamaicans.  Each One Teach One To Reach One,” he added.

There were outpourings of commendations for the artiste on his IG page for his gesture, as well as prayers for God to continuously bless the Seaview Gardens native.

There were also jokes and quips from the warlord in response to some of the comments.   One of the funniest came when one fan told him he was supposed to wear a mask, and he indicated that his faith in the Creator, made him immune to the virus. “Awesome gesture, Rodney, but where’s ur mask. COVID is still out there, u gotta protect yourself,” she said.

However, in his usual dry-humor style, Bounty responded: “Mask or no mask, I’m washed in the blood no harm sickness or weapon shall or will form against me.”


Source: Dancehallmag 


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