COVID-19 Forces Banks to Suspend Distribution of Dividends

BOJ Says Adequate Supply of Foreign Exchange to Meet Demand

The Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) says there is an adequate supply of foreign exchange to meet market demand, as flows continue to be healthy.

Governor, Richard Byles, has reported that up to November 17, daily purchases by authorised dealers and Cambios averaged approximately US$36 million, which was higher than the US$31 million recorded for the corresponding period last year.

Mr. Byles was speaking during the BOJ Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) digital quarterly media briefing on Friday (November 19).

He said that the BOJ continues to intervene in the foreign exchange market when temporary shortfalls are identified.

The BOJ Governor advised that total BOJ Foreign Exchange Intervention & Trading Tool (B-FXITT) flash sale operations and direct sales to the energy sector for the calendar year, to October 31, totalled US$675.4 million.

Mr. Byles said the foreign exchange rate, as of November 17, was J$159.79 to US$1.

He said, represented a 6.1 per cent depreciation, noting that this is broadly similar to the corresponding period last year.

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