Body of School Boy Fished from Water, in Kingston Harbour

Jamaica Crime News, St Andrew: The St Andrews police have confirmed that the body of the schoolboy who was reportedly pushed into a section of the sea, at Kingston Harbour, has been found.

The victim has been identified as 14-year-old Kenardo Stephenson.

Reports are that on Friday, Stephenson and a group of other boys were walking along the Kingston Harbour, when he allegedly informed them that he could not swim.

It is further stated that, the boys jokingly pushed him into the water, and he got into difficulties.

The boys then fled the scene and Stephenson was pulled under the sea, before help could reach him. The police were summoned and they called in the Marine police.

Following a day and a half of searching the water, Stephenson’s body was fished from the sea.

A search has now been launched by the police, to find the other boys who are involved in his death.


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