Boblet Travels Far to Sell

Jamaica News, Montego Bay: On Friday, May 11, I saw Boblet pushing a trolley on the busy streets of Montego Bay in the vicinity of Sam Sharpe Square. She had a 2-year-old baby in the Trolly and was shouting, “vegetables!”. I jokingly asked her if the baby was also for sale and she quickly replied no. Boblet travels from St Ann to Montego Bay at least three days per week.

Inside her cart, there are items such as Peppers, String Beans, Irish Potatoes, Escallion and other items. She said she has four children to support and she wants to have money to send them to school to get a proper education.  As a result, she travels many miles to make a living to support her children.

The smallest one she carries with her everywhere she goes to do her selling, and many people fall in love with her baby.

Boblet said she has been coming to Montego Bay from 2013 and no one has ever been disrespectful her. However, sometimes people criticized her items, but she keeps the peace without an answer.

Most of her vegetables and ground provisions are bought from farmers in St Ann at reasonable prices so she can resell to make a profit. Many people called her the $100 lady as most items she sells is for one hundred dollars a package. Many people also know her as “Charm” or “Black Gal”.

“I want to thank Montegonians for the support and love they give to me, this is the reason why I keep coming back to this parish, the people are friendly and supportive,” said Charm.


By Alan Lewin

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