Bloody Dispute Ends in Charges for Three St. Thomas Men

Bloody Dispute: Three men from the parish of St. Thomas are awaiting their court appearances, stemming from a bloody dispute in Roselle District, in the parish on Wednesday, November 02.

Charged with Wounding with Intent and Malicious Destruction of Property is 34-year-old Trace Dunn, a farmer and mason of Roselle District; whilst 31-year-old Vian Williams and 51-year-old Ransford Marshall were charged with Wounding with Intent.

Reports are that Marshall, who was armed with a machete, along with Williams attacked Dunn and inflicted chop wounds to him. Dunn in return, used a knife to stab Williams several times. He also threw stones, causing damage to Marshall’s motor car.

The injured men remain hospitalised. Both are considered to be in stable condition.

The three were charged following interviews.

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