Bittah So Sicka – Punji

In the world of Dancehall and Reggae when you hear Red Square the greats come to mind. As in Spragga Benz who has won on all fronts of entertainment as singer, actor, Dancehall superstar. The next Ref Square great would be “Assasin” otherly known as Agent Sasco. Who has had a slew of Dancehall hits and solid Reggae album. Next out is “Bittah So Sicka”.

He’s been in the trenches for a few years now honing his craft. And now we can say he’s ready. Bitta Sosicka’s new single “Punji” productions of Hawdhitta Music and Red Square.
“Jump spread out and whine yuh body are some lines in “Punji” and it takes the listener on a past to present musical journey. If you’re a  dancehall lover you will have recollections of the 80s’ sound 90s’ vibe and definitely a 2020 delivery. This is what the greats saw in Bittah and clearly sending signals and signs that he was worth the wait.

Bitta Sosicka isn’t afraid to show that not only is he a student of dancehall but also an underground teacher of the genre.
A proud member of Red Square (which shows why he can take from past and implement in the present) Productions, Bitta has the legacy rights to brag on just how sick his medicinal flow is. Be prepared to see his growth and feel his execution.

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