Jamaican Youth Ackeem Smith

Biography of Ackeem Smith, William Knibb High School Student

About Ackeem Smith

 Ackeem Smith is a 19-year-old student of William Knibb High School, who is in the upper sixth form; he is bilingual and aspires to become a lawyer, a politician and the prospective Prime Minister of Jamaica.

He was born in the parish of St. James, Jamaica, and resides in community of Salt Springs in St. James with his Grandmother, Iona Hayles-Murray.

He is the fifth child of his mother, Marlene Stone. His siblings are Terrence Gordon, Clifton Gordon, Tashaya Gordon, Shantella Gordon and Phoebe Lewin.

Ackeem is a true and earnest believer of Jesus Christ, who attends the Lamb Of God Ministries International headed by Pastors Douglas and Derrolyn Watson, where he is fed with the rich, spiritual and undiluted word of God. 

Activities at William Knibb High School

  • President of the Spanish Club
  • President of the Debate Club
  • Math Club President.
  • Member of the disciplinary committee
  •  Prefect
  • Student Monitor
  • President of the Student’s Council body
  • Member of the National Secondary Student’s Council

Activities outside of School

Outside of his school, Mr. Ackeem Smith is the president for the Falmouth Chapter under the DYUTES organization. He is a Youth Development Professional for St. James, under the LA Familia Movements Organization; a member of the Youth in Action group and; a member of the St. James Municipal Corporation’s Youth Council.

Ackeen Smith is a youth advocate and an active member of the National Secondary Student’s Council, where he serves as the Secretary/Pro for Region 3.

He served as the Youth Mayor for Falmouth, Trelawny between 2015-2016.

Ackeem describes himself as jovial, and love to represent the marginalized youth in our society, he lives to advocate and love to assist where it’s necessary.

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