Big Crowd at ‘Fight Night on Olympic Way’

A big crowd from the Olympic Gardens community turned up at the Cling Cling Football Oval for the seven-card bout dubbed Fight Night on Olympic Way, which was staged under the Gloves Over Guns programme.  Fight night was last Saturday in the middle of the football field that was the stomping ground of former Reggae Boy Ian Pepe Goodison who serves as president of the football Club.

The card featured six amateur fights and one professional fight which went to Headley Lights Out Scott by way of unanimous decision over Toriano Nicholas.  Scott is Jamaican but currently fights out of the Atlanta Boxing Gym in the United States.  The three judges scored the fight 60 – 54, 60 – 53 and 60 – 54.

The fighters came into the ring almost evenly matched as light welter weight.  Scott weighted in at 135 pounds while Nicholas was 134 pounds but the similarity ended there as Scott boasted 17 wins and one loss before Saturday to Nicholas’ one win, three losses and one draw.  Referee Owen Nelson had his hand full parting the boxers during the punishing six rounds where Nicholas appeared to be a punching bag at times as Scott was relentless with his jabs.  He did not take a break for a moment to rest during the six rounds.  The scorecard showed that he won all six round convincingly and it seemed that the majority of crowd agreed with the judges.

“I appreciate him coming to show up to fight me.  He was a tough opponent.  I had to box him.  I feel pretty good after the fight, I don’t feel like I took any bad blows so I feel great” said Scott.

Nicholas on the other hand said “it look like I took a lot of punches everything was defence, as you can see no injury nothing at all.  Look at his face, its bleeding.  I did no training for this six-round.  He did train for four round months for this fight.  II came on at short notice from last night to take this six-round to put up a goof fight so imagine if I was training, I would have stopped him.”

The fight night started with Suga Knockout Gym’s two youngest boxers on the card who were fighting competitively for the first time.  Ten year old Howard Levy and 13 year old Alex Grant went the distance of their three rounds (amateurs fight three rounds).  Levy did put up a spirited fight but Grant got the better of him by virtue of a longer reach and a bit more boxing skill.

The second fight of the night saw Shaine Bake of Combat Sports and Michel Bernard out of the newly launched Top Level Boxing Gym in Montego Bay going the distance but not without some slippage as both boxers slipped in round one and Bernard got an eight count in the round as well.  He also sipped in round two.

The lone female match-up between feather weights Sherikee Moore of Suga Knockout and debutante Damara Bowen of Top Level was stopped one minute and six seconds in round three when Doctor McDonald determined that she could not continue.  Moore impressed everyone including Gibbs Williams, vice principal of GC Foster College who offered her a scholarship after the fight, on the basis of her pre-fight interview and her fight performance.

Sherikee Moore stopped Damara Bowen in round three on Saturday at Cling Cling Oval in six rounds at Fight Night on Olympic Way.

Moore was happy with her performance, “It was very good from my end.  I was expecting to win. I came with the mentality to win.  It was at short notice about the fight but I still pull through.  I trained for a few days and I did what I had to tonight and I am very proud of myself.  This is my first win out of Covid and I am very excited.”

GC Foster’s Tomere Pearson got the better of Kirk Patrick Heron of Suga Knochout Gym in a light heavy weight match-up.  Action was fierce between the boxers but Pearson appeared fitter throughout the three rounds as he landed more punches.

Top Level Gym’s supporters were very happy to go home with a win because their fighter Kevon McKenzie won his fight over John Lewis of Stanley Couch Gym when referee Kevin Stupart stopped the fight at two minutes and 58 seconds in round two of their middle weight bout.

McKenzie was estatic with his win when asked how he felt, he said “Amazing.  It feels amazing.  Actually I did not think I would come in and get a gold medal.  Not to say I doubt myself but I think I would come in and fight a little bit better but I come and give a good shot and get the point.”

In the final amateur fight of the night, Commonwealth Games bound Daniel Hylton of Stanley Couch Gym made easy work of Juezier Heron (of Suga Knockout) in their light weight match-up even though it went the distance of three rounds.

“My performance was not bad.  It could have been much better but I just wanted to take it easy tonight (Saturday).  Its a good work out.  Take off a lot of work off me for I have not been in the ring for a while now so I am pretty much satisfied with my performance.  This fight shows me where I am at and what I need to work on going into the Commonwealth Games.”

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