Bethel Primary Reaps Gold

Bethel Primary Reaps Gold at Primary Track Meet

Hopewell, Hanover (McKoy’s News) Bethel Primary Reaps Gold: Celebrations are now taking place on the campus of the Bethel Primary School, in Hopewell, following the school’s success at the recently concluded Western Primary Track and Field Meets. The 2017 Primary Track Meet was held at the Catherine Hall Stadium, in Montego Bay, St James, on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th.

Despite placing 11 out of over 50 competing schools. The school community was in a frenzy, when their upcoming track star, Jevaughn Samuels, was named “Champion boy” for Class 8.

Young Samuels won the 150m heats in fine style and went on to reap gold in the finals.

He also went on to anchor for his team, which got second place in the 4×100 m relays.

The principal of Bethel Primary School, Jasmin Beckford-Johnson stated that, she is very pleased with the performance of the team overall. She also said that, the administrative staff at the institution are now gearing down in molding the young boys and girls into better athletes.


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