Beheaded Man Accused of Sleeping with Goat

Latest Jamaica News, St James (McKoy’s News): Beheaded Man Accused of Sleeping with Goat – The Anchovy police in St James and members of the Jamaica Defence Force are now combing sections of Roehampton community, in St James, in search of a man who used a machete to sever the head of his younger brother, on Thursday morning, September 19.

The dispute started at the yard in Crochas Mountain community where 25-year-old Dale Hylton, was accused by his older brother 33-year-old Kevin McLeod of sleeping with a goat inside his house.

Dale reportedly got angry at the allegations and shortly after 8:30 a.m., both brothers got involved in a heated argument.

The mother of both men Gloria King said she intervened and spoke to them, informing the eldest son to leave his brother alone because he was not sleeping with any goat, but Kevin continued to pester his younger brother and the incident turned ugly.

Further reports are that Kevin armed himself with a machete which he used to attack his younger brother, and sever his head from his body.

Realizing that his younger sibling fell dead at his feet, he then fled the scene and escaped in nearby bushes.

The police were summoned and upon their arrival, Dale was transported to hospital where he was pronounced dead. The lawmen carried out a search for the accused, but was unsuccessful.

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