Beenie Man’s Daughter Desha Ravers Gets Mixed Reactions From Fans After Skin Bleaching

Beenie Man’s daughter, Desha Ravers, is getting mixed reactions from her followers for having achieved what one described was her “chrome level” or the ideal plateau of skin-bleaching.

A myriad of commendations came after the 28 year old Ravers Clavers dancer, posted a photo of herself posing in front of a spanking new white motorcar, looking many shades lighter than her original complexion.

In captioning the post, she attributed her new ‘glow’ to Wasp Radiants, an online supplier of skin bleaching products, which, also supplies Tommy Lee Sparta and I Waata.

She was praised by her dancehall compatriots Kemar Highcon who posted “Whappppp! eMove!” in response, and Destiny Sparta, as well as adoring fans who praised her for what they considered the remarkable beauty she had become with her now “whiter” and “cleaner” skin.

“Skin clean like supermarket shelf before Hurricane tho,” one admirer posted while another, apparently in awe remarked: “Wow.  You skin clean; your beautiful.”

There were other comments which went to the extreme to show how appreciative they were of the new look. “Yes mi empress. Show dem bout beauty,” one said. “Wow!!! You get white overnight; that glow is everything,” another man said.

Others said Desha’s new look is very inspiring and she was considering to follow suit as a result. “No sah u let me feel like I want to rub,” a female fan said.

Amidst the ‘bleaching beauty’ praises, were others who focused on the motorcar, in light of the dancer’s recent accident where her motorcar was wrecked, but in which she escaped unscathed.  “May God open doors for another vroom vroom ASAP,” a user encouraged.

The Kingston native and her admirers came in for some criticism however, from followers who disapproved of her bleaching her skin, some saying it was disappointing that she was even being lauded for her action of self-hate.

Labeling the supportive comments from fans as ‘disturbing’, they also said it was testament to the colorism issues addressed in dancehall diva Spice’s song Black Hypocrisy, two years ago, where she said, among other things, that lighter complexions are seen as more desirable in Jamaica.

“People in the comments (BLACK PEOPLE) make me sick. She’s bleached out and people are saying she looks clean as if her beautiful skin color before wasn’t ‘clean’ or good enough. This is exactly what Spice was talking about. So embarrassing as a black community honestly. We need to do better,” lira_orez said.

There was one follower, though, who was highly caustic in her remarks claiming Desha looked corpse-like. “Why u so white like death and so skinny? Walking dead corpse.  WTF happened to u?” she wrote, before adding in response to a fan who described her as a hater: “U don’t see how mental it is to bleach the top layers of ur skin off.  Hate on what?  Looking like a dead man walking white skin is not attractive.  Am so disappointed I just didn’t think she was so uneducated to do this cus Beenie Man daughter.”


Source: Dancehallmag

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