Beenie Man To Release New Album ‘Simma’ On His Birthday

Dancehall veteran Beenie Man is set to release his nineteenth studio album, Simma. The feature-filled album will follow his last studio project Undisputed which was released 13 years ago.  The deejay’s 2000 album Art And Life won the Grammy award for Best Reggae Album that year.

In a recent interview with A’mari “DJ Mona-Lisa”, the singer spoke about what propels the now renowned King of the Dancehall to give to the less fortunate, the needy and the ‘have-nots.’ “We know what it is to have nothing, and we know how it is to be nobody,” he told A’Mari.

Anthony Moses’ Beenie Man’ Davis revealed that he takes pride in donating to the needy having witnessed first hand the suffering many underwent in 1988 when Category 5 hurricane Gilbert hit Jamaica that year. Then, many people had to take up residence in schools. It, therefore, gives him a level of self-gratification and fulfillment to be able to give back. He added that these persons are normally very appreciative of his help.

COVID-19 has had a rippling effect on almost every industry, notwithstanding the music industry. “It affected everybody enuh, not only artists, nobody can’t get to go nowhere, nobody can’t get to do no show, everything have to be online, a serious thing.”

Despite this, Beenie Man has been busy working on Simma, which is set to be released on his 47th birthday on August 22.

Popular artists like Shaggy, Dexta Daps, Sean Paul, Major Lazer, and Fanatic will be featured on the album. Beenie Man, however, expressed disappointment in not being able to secure a collaboration with Bounty Killer for the album. Still, fans can look forward to this album, which comprises a lot of artists and great producers.

Beenie Man also revealed that he has been doing music from childhood. “Me never do music fi success enuh, me do music because me love music because I am a child star, me start from what? Age 5.”

He released his first single at the tender age of 8 and by age 10, his first album. “But when success comes, you have to just appreciate and love it because then you have something to look forward to, then you have a family to feed… then when the money comes in it is great.” This money he says can be used to send yourself and kids to school, build your own studio, and take care of your day to day responsibilities.

One major problem that upcoming artists face is the difficulty within which they can get airplay, but Beenie Man revealed that experienced artists aren’t immune to this challenge either.

“As big as I am today and as the new some dem whey me ah put out, check who fah playlist that I am on.  Me 90s song dem deh on everybody’s playlist, but I think the last playlist me deh pon ‘how me fi grudge you fi u money and me have my own,’ from ‘I’m drinking rum and redbull,’ check from deso who fah playlist me deh pon today…Do you wanna be that guy is the biggest slang in the world, who fah playlist it deh pon today, just check it.”

He encourages artists not to be deterred by this setback, however, because ultimately their success is dependent on them.

“We ah feel it, but we just haffi mek music and continue to make music because who ah go stop you more than you.” He says one must, however, have a passion for music, “me born inna music, I am music” so he can see himself doing nothing else but music.

Beenie Man has recently done a collaboration with Dexta Daps titled Loser, which is featured on Dap’s album: VENT.

He is widely considered to be one of the greatest and most internationally-recognized dancehall artists of all-time, with hits like King of the Dancehall, Girls Dem Sugar, Nuff Gyal, World Dance, Who Am I and Slam.


Source: Dancehallmag

Feeding Programme - Le Antonio's Foundation
Feeding Programme – Le Antonio’s Foundation

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