Beenie Man On Fitness Journey To Regain His Summer Body

It appears The Doctor, Beenie Man, is on a mission to recapture his fitness level and his once-trim physique.

The Grammy-winning dancehall artiste who turns 47 in August, recently posted several video clips of himself in Mountain Spring the hills of St. Andrew, going through a series of road runs under the supervision of his fitness trainer.

However, the Gyal Dem Man, seems to be going through emotions of pleasure and pain associated with the rigorous workouts, as he keeps pointing out in the clips.

In the posts, some of which he hashtagged #journeytfitness, Beenie Man claims he has been putting on weight which he is dedicated to shedding, much of it having accumulated around his belly. It was obviously a “no pain no gain” mission for his trainer, who on several occasion had to resort to pushing the fatigued Girls Dem Sugar up the steep hill, which is a popular jogging trail for many of Jamaica’s rich and famous.

“Trainer a try mash mi up. Jah Jah. Up and thankful,” the artiste captioned one of the posts, in which he jokingly told his trainer that he would report him to the police as he had just completed running to the top of the hill, and was exhausted.

Throughout the clips Beenie Man jokingly stressed to his fans not to put on weight at all, and not to break the law and try to elude the police by using that hill as an escape route, as they were sure to die of exhaustion.

“Jah Jah, nuh stage show nuh wicked suh. #Journeytofitness DifficultButNecessary,” he captioned that post, which also showed a clip of him reaching the end of the running trail.

In 2017 the artiste was fat-shamed about his round tummy after a video clip surfaced on social media of him vibing with his friends in an inner-city community in Kingston. Some of his fans came to his rescue, though, claiming that what the Doctor had was a ‘rich man’s belly’.

Beenie Man joins a long list of Dancehall stars in their mid-40s who have been either been watching their weight, spending time in the gym or doing daily jogging in the mountains. Macka Diamond has gone vegan, Elephant Man lost copious amount of pounds under the tutelage of celerity fitness trainer Patrice J White, and Queen Ifrica and her partner Tony Rebel have been consistent joggers in the hills.

Beenie Man, Krystal Tomlinson, and daughter Xiah
Beenie Man might have been inspired by his politician and television presenter girlfriend, Krystal Tomlinson, who surpassed her own weight-loss goals which she had set a few months ago to shed six pounds in six weeks, but instead shed 10 pounds within three weeks.

In her weight loss regimen, Krystal, who is the mother of Beenie Man’s youngest daughter, Xiah Amina Davis, had aspired to run at least one mile per day, abstain from eating meat, taking eight hours of sleep each night, avoiding alcohol, drinking a gallon of water per day which she described as her winning formula.


Source: Dancehallmag

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