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Beenie Man Embarrass Krystal With New Woman & Baby Mama

9 thoughts on “Beenie Man Embarrass Krystal With New Woman & Baby Mama”

  1. Why should she be surprised,she was so desperate for the Beenie Man’s lime light and like the other ladies before her she got a Beenie man baby.

  2. Hope she find a good man people always behave like these men all dat. Like whats so special about him.

  3. Worse reporter I’ve ever listened to couldn’t even finish listening to it. Put your thing together b4 reporting

  4. Island_girl_chyn

    I don’t know why a nice educated girl like her who is also in politics would take up an entertainer,hes just too low for her category…..I dont know what she thought she was gonna get…lmao denial…flap her self…Crystal or wadever ur name is date someone on ur level next time “someone educated”

    1. I am so disappointed in you for being with Bernie man Krystal. He already have gyal in a bundle why would you want to put yourself in that equation?

      Bow you have his child like milk your character spoil.

      You are now seen as a boo too.

  5. This shows that women are stupid. They will even have a good man and leave him for a one night stand or a man with a little Moore money or glitter than her good man maybe even if he is too gentle with her etc.

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