Beenie Man Confesses To Past Life of Crime, ‘Mi Used To Thief Bike And Sell’

Video footage has surfaced with dancehall veteran and international superstar, Beenie Man, having a casual conversation with other individuals who remained off-camera for the length of the video.

Beenie Man, whose face can be seen in the clip, was sharing some philosophical thoughts about success and the journey to.

He used the example of a bank manager who after he succeeds, will then speak of his days cleaning toilets to show off his humble beginnings ‘…yow a toilet mi clean fi get mine. Now him proud…’ The same manager, however, before achieving success would be ashamed of his toilet cleaning job.

He encourages the individuals to be proud of every step of their journey while in the moment. ‘From yuh encounter the journey a  your journey that’.

He then encourages the listeners to stick to what their calling is and not try to do everything at once. ‘A music mek me live. A music mek my family live. Mi nuh try fi be a electrician. Mi nuh try fi be a mechanic. Mi nuh try fi patch tire.’

He then goes on to say that he has other trade skills but ‘a nuh my ting dat’. He explains that it is not worth it to risk being injured doing someone else’s job and in turn not be able to do yours.

Beenie Man
The shocking part arrives when he starts talking about motorcycles. ‘Mi nuh ride bike’ he continues, ‘Mi used to ride bike. Mi used to tief bike and sell dem back, but now mi need mi foot fi dance, weh mi a do pon bike?’

The confession that he used to steal and sell motorcycles came as a shock to most of us who were unaware of this aspect of Beenie Man’s past. It was enough to spark individuals to rewind that part of the video to ensure they heard correctly.

The dancehall giant did not display any changes in his mannerism when confessing, suggesting that he has accepted and is very comfortable with his past. He may have even spoken of it to the individuals he was ‘reasoning’ with before.

The video is shot from an angle below the artiste looking up at his face.  The recording device moves with his every step suggesting that he was most likely videoing himself.

Whether the video was intentionally or accidentally released is unknown but the confession made is certain to spark the interest of both fans and critics of the superstar.


Source: Dancehallmag

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