Beenie Man Asks Instagram To Settle Debate: Who Is Taller, The Deejay Or His Son Mosiah?

Veteran dancehall artiste Beenie Man, whose real name is Moses Davis, has been spending a lot of time with his family lately and seems even more focused on daddy duties these days.

Ever since being part of one of the most successful Verzuz battles, on May 23, with fellow veteran Bounty Killer in which they created over 1 billion impressions for Brand Jamaica, and enticed almost 500,000 fans, he has been frequently updating his Instagram with pictures of his children.

The latest was posted yesterday, August 6, and he also tagged his son Mosiah Davis and his soon to be wife, Krystal Tomlinson in the family fun with the caption: “@krystaltomlinson Mek we settle it once and for all! Who taller people???? Me or @mosiahdavis ??”

The caption was accompanied by two pictures of the younger Moses in graduation garb alongside Beenie, at eye level.

In another pic on the same post, Mosiah clearly looks taller than his dad. Under that photo, Krystal gets involved and comments: “Babes, yuh short now. I’m so sorry to tell you. Zi taller than you now!!”

Fans were appreciative of the light humour and posted their take on who is taller between the two, with some also commenting on Beenie Man’s weight loss. During the above mentioned Verzuz battle, Beenie’s weight became a highlight, and many fans took to social media to draw attention to the star’s belly.

He went on a fitness journey since then is trying to lose weight, and it seems with the support of his lifestyle coach Patrice J White and his fiance Tomlinson he’s been able to slim down significantly.

The fan who commented on his latest post also noted the strides that the King of Dancehall has made.

“Son is taller and you losing weight man,” one fan said.

Some fans believed Beenie Man was still the taller of the two like this one who said: “You’re taller Beenie, but not by much tho,” while this fan disagreed: “@kingbeenieman you know a you a the doctor but him taller than you.” Many fans also took the time to congratulate Mosiah on his graduation. The post has been liked more than 19, 000 times.

Source: Dancehallmag
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Feeding Programme – Le Antonio’s Foundation

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