Bashco Female Supervisor Murdered in St Mary

Bashco Female Supervisor Murdered in St Mary

Ver Bailey, 47, a supervisor of Bashco Trading Company in Ocho Rios, St Ann, was shot by gunmen at her house in Tank Lane, Oracabessa, St Mary on Thursday night, August 5.

According to sources, two men came to the community and ask for directions to Bailey’s home. The men proceeded to the residence where Bailey and her daughter were alone after gathering information. The men allegedly busted in the door and told the daughter to place her head on the bed, before shooting Bailey in the head. The men then fled on foot, taking with them the daughter’s cellphone.

Residents who heard the explosions hurried to the house and saw the daughter holding her injured mother and crying.

Bailey was rushed to hospital and died on Friday when she was being prepared to be transferred to the Kingston Public Hospital.


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