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Bartlett Challenges Farmers to Meet Tourism’s Demand for Eggs

Brunch For The Hon Edmund Bartlett C.D, M.P,

Brunch For The Hon Edmund Bartlett C.D, M.P,


Latest Jamaica News: Tourism Minister, Edmund Bartlett has challenged Jamaican farmers to boost their production of eggs, in order to satisfy the demands of the island’s tourism sector, for which the need for eggs is huge.

When we talk about poultry, we are getting into a new and expanded area of values because we are talking about eggs; we are talking about liquid eggs that are required. Would you believe, at any given hotel the average consumption for a visitor is exceeding five eggs a day? We have 4.5 million visitors coming to the island this year. Do the math,” Bartlett said.

Eggs are one of the most ubiquitous of all the ingredients used in the various types of delectable food Jamaica provides.  We need eggs for everything, especially pastry. So you can add to that five eggs another quotient and you can see the volume of eggs required by the farmers of Jamaica to be produced just to satisfy the needs of the local tourism industry,” Minister Bartlett added.

Bartlett said there is a symbiotic relationship between tourism and agriculture and as a consequence, Jamaica needs to do more to leverage that relationship to the benefit of the people.

Agri-tourism is a vital part of the experiences that are marketed all across the globe and Jamaica has not done very well in building out agri-tourism as we understand it,” Bartlett said.

The Minister was speaking at the opening ceremony for the 67th staging of the Denbigh Agricultural, Industrial and Food Show in May Pen, Clarendon on Sunday.  He said the demand for agricultural produce by the tourism sector is valued at some $40 billion dollars and of this, poultry, meats and seafood alone accounted for 75 percent of this total value, fruits accounted for another 10 percent and vegetables accounted for 6.4 percent.

The Minister said farmers ought to look beyond supplying just the hotel sector, but should turn their attention to other areas such as eco-tourism and farm-to-table tourism, to enable visitors to engage in new experiences.   He also said an increasing number of tourists are visiting farms for educational and recreational purposes.

Farm tourism is a thriving business, providing both farmers and communities with additional income,” he said.

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