Bartender Charged for Stabbing in St James

Jamaica Crime News, St James: The Freeport police in St James have now confirmed that criminal charges have now been laid against a 30-year-old bartender who stabbed another 29-year-old man almost to death in Bickersteth community in St James on Saturday, July 21.

The accused have been identified has Marcel Whitley of the said address.

He was charged on Monday, July 30, with Wounding with Intent and is booked to appear in the St James Parish Court on Tuesday, August 7.

It is reported that shortly after 4:00 pm,  on Saturday,  both men were at a bar in Bicker Steth,  when an argument developed between them.

The man who received the stab wound reportedly used a glass bottle to hit Whitley.

Whitley reached for a knife which is used by the bartender to chip ice and inflicted a stab wound to the victim’s side.

The wounded man was transported to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where he was treated and later transferred to Falmouth Hospital.

Following an investigation by the police, Whitley was taken into custody on Sunday.

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