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Bail Extended for Four Sangster’s Airport Worker Facing Cocaine Charges

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The four Sangster’s International Airport employees who appeared before the St James Parish Court on Monday, January 31,on charges of allegedly attempting to smuggle a quantity of cocaine on a flight destined for Canada from the Sangsters International Airport in Montego Bay, last October, had their bails extended.
The four accused, 35-year-old Romaine Kerr and 28-year-old Tavon Murray, both Ramp attendants, 43-year-old security supervisor Indra Waite, and 23-year-old Aviation security Officer Brelanie Reid, were ordered to return to court on March 8.
Parish Court Judge, Kaysha Grant, was told by the prosecution bench that several documents which includes statements from the Canadian Authorities, and video footage from the airport were still outstanding.
Reports are that on October 10, all four accused were part of a team servicing a Sun Wing flight at the airport, which was destined for Canada.
The four allegedly conspired to smuggle 11.4 kilogrammes of cocaine valued at US$570,000 on the flight, but the drugs was intercepted in Canada, and following an investigation by the Narcotics Division in St James, they were arrested and charged with Possession of, Dealing in, and Exporting cocaine.
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