Bad Trelawny Roads Affecting Cedric Titus High Daily Attendance

Jamaica News, January 31, 2018

Trelawny, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Bad Trelawny Roads: Sharon Hall, Acting Vice Principal of the Cedric Titus High School in Trelawny is now crying out to the respective authorities who are responsible for repairing the roads leading to her school, as most of them are impassable, causing students to spend extra money for alternate routes to get to school.

She stated that as a result of the poor state of roads in those sections of the parish, students have had to use alternative routes to get to the school and the student turnout is extremely low, thereby affecting daily attendance.

The National Works Agency (NWA) has been aware of the situation and said several roads in the parish have again been affected by heavy rains.

Meanwhile, the Member of Parliament for Trelawny Northern, Victor Wright states that there is available funding in the constituency to repair roads, but the ongoing rains in the parish, have prevented the authorities from starting the road repairs.

Bad Trelawny Roads: in 2016 angry residents of another community in Trelawny staged a protest along the Salt Marsh main road to demand that the bad roads be fixed immediately.

The protesters said their action to block a main road to the community road resulted from repeated requests to the Trelawny Parish Council for the road to be repaired, even minor repairs, such as filling the potholes. Despite many requests residents, the roads remained the same.

Parish Councillor at Trelawny Parish Council, Philip Service, agreed with the residents.”It (the repairs) have taken a little bit too long in my opinion, so I can understand the frustration of the residents. We are trying to get the minister, but he is actually in a meeting now,” the councillor responded.

Contributed by Nichola Panton (Photo) – 2016 Residents Protest Bad Road Conditions in Trelawny by Blocking the Main road (Star)

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