Baby Thief Sentenced to Serve 3-Years and 4-Months, in Prison

Latest Jamaica News, Kingston (McKoy’s News): Twenty-eight-year-old Peta-Gaye French, the woman who pleaded guilty to stealing a day-old baby from its mother at the Victoria Jubilee hospital in Kingston, on January 9, 2019, was sentenced to serve 3-years and 4-months at hard labour in prison, when she appeared before the Home Circuit Court, on Thursday, October 3.

Reports are that on January 9, French went to the ward at the Victoria Jubilee hospital and stole the one-day-old baby from its mother Suzette Whyte, while she went to use the bathroom at the medical facility.

The police were informed, and an investigation carried out.

Several weeks later, French went to the Registrar General Department in St. Catherine, and attempted to register the child, when she arose the suspicious of a clerk, who in turn called in the police.

Following investigations, French was arrested and charged. She later confessed in court to stealing the child.

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