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Baby Stabbed In Face Downtown Kingston Battling for Life

Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – Baby Stabbed: A baby is admitted to the hospital after being viciously stabbed with a knife in the Downtown area of Kingston on Saturday evening, April 1.

Reports to Mckoy’s News are that at about 5:00 pm, this evening,  an adult male was walking with a baby in his arms, in the Downtown area of Kingston, on reaching sections of Bond Street a man appeared, walked up him and the child and brandished a knife.

The knife wielding man reportedly immediately stabbed the toddler in the face and ran away.

Persons on the street seeing the incident gave chase and caught the attacker.

He was beaten by a group of angry residents and held.

The baby stabbed was rushed to hospital where he was admitted in serious condition.

Area Police were alerted and carried him away in handcuffs.

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